Cheap Function Rooms in Adelaide

If you don't have much of a budget to spend on your function, this list of cheap function rooms in Adelaide will be very helpful. These function venues will offer one of or a combination of the following:

  • Free function room hire.
  • Low or no minimum spend.
  • Minimum spend on food only (meaning guests can purchase their own drinks).
  • Minimum spend includes guests bar purchases (or the guests amount they pay towards a subsidised tab).

Remember, this list shows function venues that offer flexible, budget friendly function package options. But a lot of these venues also cater to spectacular high budget events. Check out the full list of function rooms in Adelaide if you want to make sure you see all venue options listed on Event Scene.

You can easily filter this list of cheap function rooms in Adelaide by capacity (your number of guests), location and a number of other advanced filter options. Then, contact the function venues that stand out via the enquiry form. It is best to give as many details as possible with your initial enquiry. This will help the venues can get back to you with details relevant to your party. Meaning you will be able to quickly decide if the venue is suitable for you.

Happy party planning!


Tips for Planning a Party or Function in a Venue on a Budget

If you are working with a small budget for your upcoming party, but you still really want to hire a function room and hold the party at an Adelaide venue, here are some ideas for how to get the most out of your party budget.

Alcohol tends to be the biggest expense at a party, so most of these points are to help reduce this cost.

  • You provide food, but guests purchase their own drinks.
  • You provide food and a drink on arrival. This could be in the form of a classy Champagne Bar (which on a budget is of course sparkling wine!). Have the sparkling wine setup near the entrance with ice buckets and Champagne flutes. This is a really lovely way to greet your guests and provide a welcome drink. Then guests can head to the bar to purchase their own drinks after that.
  • You provide a ‘subsidised drinks bar tab’. A subsidised drinks tab means that guests pay a smaller amount for each drink e.g. $2 or $3. Then the remaining cost of the drink is charged to your tab. This means it keeps costs down for the guests, but they tend to be a bit more responsible for each drink they purchase as they have had to pay something for it. And of course if means that the budget you have for your bar tab will last longer into the event.
  • Decorations can end up costing quite a bit! And we all want to get those stunning Insta photos at our event. So if you’re working with a smaller budget, look for a venue with a private function room that is already styled. Or a venue that provides a lot of the styling and props as part of their venue hire. This can end up saving a lot overall.
  • If the number of guests is a problem and you are looking for a way to cut your guest list. If it suits you and the occasion, consider having a family function seperate to the party with your friends. That way you might be able to have a family BBQ at home, and hire a private function room in Adelaide for the party with your friends.

These are just some ideas to help make the most of the budget you have to work with.

Happy party planning!