Hi! I’m Coree Manning. Thanks for visiting my site. In a world of websites, it’s good to know you’re about to get in touch with a local Adelaidian.

I started Event Scene in 2010, the website first went live in 2012, and had a major redevelopment in 2017. I’ve been in hospitality my entire working career – 99% of which has been here in Adelaide. I’ve put all of that experience into creating a great Function Venue Finding site. Back when I first started the site, there wasn’t many around, they were very expensive to list on and only the big hotels were utilising this as an advertising strategy. I had seen it really worked, so I wanted to create something that the smaller restaurants, bars and venues could also use to generate enquiries for their function rooms or large group bookings facilities.

This website is only based in South Australia. Maybe one day I’ll try to take it national! But for the foreseeable future I have PLENTY to keep me busy just focusing on helping venues and wedding suppliers here in SA.

As a Mum, I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible… but my hours are far from 9-5… so please forgive me if a day or two goes by. I will get back to you.

And most of all, know that I am really happy to hear from you!

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