Adelaide Meeting Room Hire

Here you will find our preferred Adelaide meeting room hire list. Search for meeting rooms in Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs. Make use of the filter options to quickly narrow down your search, to hire the meeting room that fits your requirements. Easily contact the venue directly with the contact form, phone or link to their website.

If you are looking for an Adelaide meeting room hire you will need to consider the following:

  • The number of guests you need to accommodate (filter the list of meeting rooms for hire by capacity)
  • AV facilities e.g. presentation equipment, wifi, microphone, lectern and sound system.
  • Style of set-up you would like e.g. boardroom style, U-shape, cabaret style or theatre style (these styles are detailed below).
  • Catering required for on arrival, morning tea, working lunch and afternoon tea
Available Adelaide Meeting Rooms

Available meeting rooms in Adelaide can be found in all types of venues including hotels, restaurants, pubs and co-working office spaces. When searching for a meeting room, location can be the most important aspect of finding the best venue. This could be due to the fact that you would like somewhere close to your office. Or perhaps you are looking to hold a management meeting prior to a social staff event, and would like the meeting to be either in the same venue or close to. Use the Event Scene map feature to easily locate Adelaide Meeting Rooms close to where you are. Or use the location filter, to filter the list by region or area of Adelaide.

Happy meeting and events planning!



More About Set-up Options for Adelaide Meeting Rooms

Boardroom Style

Boardroom style set-up is one large table. Guests can be seated on all 4 sides of the table, or if you are also showing a presentation, guests could be seated on three sides of the table. This sets the meeting room ensuring no guests have their backs to the presentation.


Trestle tables are set-up in a ‘U’ shape. With the ‘U’ open towards the presenter. It depends on the shape of the meeting room, but normally the sides of the ‘U’ are longer with the base shorter (e.g. 10 guests down each side + 5 guests at the end = U-shape for 25 guests). However, some meeting rooms are wider rather than long. So in this case you might have a longer base to the ‘U’ (e.g. 6 guests down each side + 13 across the end = U-shape for 25 guests).

Cabaret Style

Cabaret style set-up for a meeting allows for easy breakout into smaller group work, and is generally preferred for larger groups. Cabaret style set-up can be any number of round tables, set with chairs only on one side of the table. This means guests can be set to face the presenter, and none of the chairs have their backs to the presenter. Some large conference style venues have oval shaped tables specifically for this purpose as it allows the maximum number of seats down one side of the oval all facing the presenter, without requiring the floor space of a much larger round table.

Theatre Style

Theatre style set-up for meetings is rows of chairs all facing the presenter. Walkways will be set at intervals to access rows that are more than 6 – 8 chairs wide. This set-up is more suitable for presentations with questions and answers rather than meetings that involve group discussions. Theatre style is often the best way to accommodate the highest number of guests in a space. As table space is not required.