Frequently Asked Questions

  • Other forms of advertising like social media, bridal fairs and expos are all very time consuming. We’re not saying these shouldn’t be part of your marketing campaign, but online advertising has very little time commitment. Once your listing is live, customers will come to you either via links through to your website, phone calls, direct emails, links to your social media, or direct enquiries from the Event Scene enquiry form on your listing page.
  • The cost is the smallest fraction in comparison to the older more traditional advertising methods like print media and radio.
  • It is also much easier to track your return on investment. You can literally see in numbers from the Google Analytics reports the number of links through to your site, phone number views, links to your email, links to your social media and the number of direct enquiry forms sent from the Event Scene website. Not to mention the exact number of people that viewed your listing. ***NOTE DURING THE FREE LISTING PERIOD, ANALYTICS FOR SUPPLIERS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE***
  • For social functions and weddings, customers often find time to search and plan their event online in the evenings and weekends. The ability now for the customer to send an enquiry via online methods means you open up your business for more potential customers – e.g. the customer doesn’t have to wait for a reasonable hour to call you. You can then respond at a time convenient to you.

Simply ‘REGISTER’ with your email address (it’s free) and the package options for listing will be visible to you under ‘Add A Supplier’. There is the option to list for three months or one year. Also there are featured or standard listing options.


Contact us for your free listing code.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this question! Here are some of the comments and feedback we have heard from other business that are listed:

  1. The look of the site especially image focused design – keeps customers interested.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Easy search / filter options.
  5. Found Event Scene at top of google search.
  6. SA focused – lots of other sites only have a few SA venues & event suppliers.
  7. Lots of different types of venues and event suppliers are listed. So more customers can engage and find my listing.
  8. Not JUST weddings, or JUST corporate. Customers are attracted for all different types of events – more different types of customers means more potential business from the one site.
  9. Thankyou notes are positive, but still offer a review.
  10. Anyone looking for a venue is also exposed to event supplier options.
  1. Images / Photos. These are most important! Have a look at the event supplier list in your category. Ask some of your staff/ friends which businesses stand out and why? Pick through the images you have carefully based on this – especially your hero image. Ultimately great photos are going to do 90% of the selling for you. Remember you can updated and change your photos as often as you want, so if one hero image isn’t working… change it!
  2. Collect Thankyou Notes. Once you have caught the attention of the customer and they have clicked through to your page, if they see 2 – 3 recent Thankyou Notes, they will know you are busy and sought after. Customers also love to see other peoples opinions.
  3. To really boost your enquiries, invest in a premium/ featured listing. This will put you at the top of the list. The standard listings under the featured listings will load in a different order every single time, so sometimes you’ll be towards the top, and sometimes way down the bottom. The top spots are always going to get more attention!
  4. Most importantly, don’t waste the enquiries you do get! Respond as quickly as possible. Even if it is just a quick email back to say you received it, ask a simple follow up question (the more detail you can get out of the customer the better), and let them know you’ll get back to them in detail tonight/tomorrow etc. At least that way they have heard from you and you have started a dialogue.
  1. First you need to select a plan and set-up payment. You need to be logged in. Look under the heading ‘Add A Supplier’ for ‘Supplier Pricing Plans’. **FOR A LIMITED TIME THE EVENT AND WEDDING SUPPLIER LISTINGS ARE FREE. CONTACT US FOR A FREE LISTING CODE***
  2. Once payment has been processed (***PAYMENT WILL BE $0 WITH THE LISTING CODE***) you will be able to add your business listing. The link to ‘Add Your Supplier Listing’ can be found under ‘Add a Supplier’, or under your user name there is a drop down of options.
  3. Select the ‘Add Your Supplier Listing’ link and you will be taken to the form. Make sure you read the comments for each question. Remember though you can always go back and change your answers if you realise you have made a mistake.
  4. Submit your listing. This will be approved within 5 working days (normally sooner). Then the listing will be live!