Unusual Wedding Venues Adelaide

Choosing a wedding venue is such a personal decision. Here we hope you will discover unique and unusual wedding venues in Adelaide to suit both of your personalities! For most people the wedding reception venue is the biggest expense on the day. While the ceremony is the most important part of the day, the celebration afterwards is often where the couple's personality shines through.

We often hear from couples that they are looking for a wedding venue, but want something unique and different. Couples are not necessarily looking for an all inclusive function centre anymore, but on the other hand, that is exactly what suits some! That's the beauty of planning your wedding, it is personal and unique to you! We hope you find the unusual wedding venue in Adelaide here, that is perfect for you.

Wedding Venues in Adelaide 

In addition to our popular list of affordable wedding venues in Adelaide South Australia we're also looking for unique and unusual venues and secret locations. If you would like your venue featured, contact us! 

Venues manage their own listing details and categories. If you see a venue here that doesn't fit the category description please let us know…