Budget Wedding Venues Adelaide
Congratulations on planning your wedding! This is an exciting time for you. However, we understand that your wedding budget is hugely important. Also, you want to get as much out of your budget as possible! So, this list of budget wedding venues Adelaide understands that too. When planning your wedding, finding and booking your reception venue is the first big step. Especially when looking for budget wedding venue Adelaide options, there are a couple of important questions to consider. Firstly, your guest list! You can break up your list into three sections:
  • Must be invited
  • We'd really like to invite
  • Invite only if budget/ venue capacity allows
Secondly, consider if you would be happy to have a cocktail style wedding reception instead of a sit down wedding reception. This often means much cheaper food costs. Thirdly, would you consider a Friday or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday? Once all of these questions have been discussed and decided, then you are ready to begin contacting venues. Happy wedding planning!