Venue Analytics Report – January 2020

Hang on… where did 2019 go! It was a really great year for Event Scene. The site was consistently in the top three organic Google listings for the primary function venue related searches for Adelaide. We also saw an increase in the corporate meetings enquiries and listings for wedding venues too. For the second year in a row, we were also the number one listing on google for Christmas Party Venues Adelaide. In the past year, the Christmas Party Venues list received 11,733 views – just of that one list.

If you list your venue, you opt into as many of the category lists as are relevant to your venue. You are not restricted. The cost to list is a simple one cost per venue per year – with the option for standard listing or featured. Register with your email address and you’ll be able to view the listing costs.

13 new venues join up in 2019. The majority of venues listed approached us directly after Googling and seeing that Event Scene was top of the organic Google listings. There were also a couple of venues that joined because other venues in their group were already doing so well on Event Scene.

With this consistent interest in new listings I forgot to keep the analytics posts up to date during the year! So I’m just going to post and annual overview, and if you would like more specific information, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to share an example of what similar venues to yours on the site are receiving from Event Scene in the form of page views of the venue profile and leads generated (links to their website and direct form enquiries).

Here’s an overview of the Analytics for the site. Remember we are ONLY South Australian based. It is an incredibly targeted market. Which is great news for your venue as you know all of these leads are focused on Adelaide Venues.

ANALYTICS REPORT BASED ON 27.1.2019 – 27.1.2020



This is excellent as it shows we are strong on the first page of google. This is how you capture the attention of customers researching venues on google that wouldn’t have otherwise thought to book with you.

PAGE VIEWS: 250,520



Customers are spending time browsing to select their venue. So the enquiries you are getting are high value… after looking at a number of venues, they have chosen to contact you.

SESSIONS: 36,623

Sessions are a visit to the website. From when you enter the site to when you leave – that is counted as one session. You might visit a few different pages while you browse the site, this is considered on session.



Bounce rate means the number of people who come to the website and then leave without going to a second page. When the number is low it shows the people who visit the website are genuine, and haven’t been loured there through click bait techniques just to make the website visitor numbers look higher than they are. All of Event Scene’s visitors are genuine customers looking for function venues in Adelaide.

LOCATION – Number of sessions per main capital city location

Adelaide 27,690

YAY – locals looking for local Adelaide Venues.

Melbourne 2077

Sydney 1,506

Brisbane 451

Perth 271

Darwin 178

So how many enquiries are going through to the venues? We can measure the leads generated for each venue by tracking the links from their profile page. I don’t share exact numbers for particular venues publicly. But if you are interested in listing your venue and want to get a better idea for how many leads you can expect, please feel free to contact me. Let us know which venue’s listed are similar to yours and we’ll be happy to share the page view numbers and leads that have been generated for that venue on Event Scene.

In total over the past year Event Scene has generated:

14,301 leads (made up of links to venue websites and direct form enquiries)

We have seen a long time trend of customers preferring to contact the business directly through their own website. That is why we still have the website link available and track this as a lead as the customer can link to your website and enquire directly with you. Most people feel more comfortable with this rather than filling in their details on a third party website form.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to CONTACT ME.