Restaurants with Private Function Rooms

On this page you will find a list of restaurants in Adelaide that have private function rooms available to hire. This category is specific to restaurants, as opposed to pubs, bars, function centres etc. These are often private dining rooms suitable for high end private dining. Some also offer cocktail style parties. However this really depends on if they have the facilities in the room to service a cocktail style event - for example a private bar.

You might be looking for somewhere to have a meeting in a private function room, before dining in the restaurant. The details on the venue listing page should tell you if they have the facilities and offer their private function room for meetings. Lots of the restaurants with private function rooms will also have ceiling mounted data projectors. This makes hosting your meeting with a presentation really easy.

If you are planning a meeting followed by dinner. Then you may be able to arrange for the restaurant staff to reset the private function room after your meeting, so that you can dining in the private space. Alternatively you may prefer to end your meeting and move into the main restaurant to dine as a group. As a group, this option may also offer you more flexibility in menu options.

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