18th Birthday Party Function Venues

Or, BROWSE THE FULL LIST OF FUNCTION ROOMS IN ADELAIDE AND SOUTH AUSTRALIA It can be difficult to find 18th Birthday Party Venues in and around Adelaide. At Event Scene we hope this list of venues that allow 18th Birthday Parties will make your search easy.
Why don't pubs and other function venues allow 18th Birthday Parties?
The reason lots of function venues don't host 18th Birthday parties, is because quite often a number of the guests are still underage (e.g. under 18 years old). This poses a problem for the licensing requirements of the venue. For most pubs and function venues the law is that anyone under the age of 18 can only be on licensed premises after a certain time if they are there with their parent or legal guardian. Normally the birthday girl/boy planning their 18th birthday party celebration, looking for 18th Birthday Party Venues, doesn't want to also have to invite a whole lot of parents! Happy party planning. We hope you are able to find a suitable 18th Birthday Party Venue in this list of function rooms in Adelaide. These venues will be happy to hear from you!