Booking Exhibition Venues

Not sure whether to list your venue as an Exhibition / Expo venue? Read on…

One of the ‘Event Occasion’ filter options in the function venue search is ‘EXHIBITION / EXPO’. Exhibition venues offer a large open floor space that can be hired exclusively. Often these bookings are required for more than one full 24 hour period. Exhibition / Expo events are generally set-up with lots of different booths, sectioned areas or tables where exhibitors can show their individual business offerings. These might be products, services or educational.

Choosing Exhibition Venues

Exhibitions are not your typical function event. The set-up and requirements of the organiser will be different for every single event. This is because the number of individual exhibitors and the requirements of these exhibitors changes dramatically depending of the topic of the expo. A flexible floor space is most important when looking at exhibition venues.

The logistics and OH&S of bump in and bump out need to be considered. Especially the timings for setting up the booths or areas before access is allowed to the individual exhibitors to set-up their stands.

Then a number of considerations come into play for managing the guests attending the Expo:

  • The duration of the event and number of guests that can be accommodated for each day.
  • Is the event ticketed, invite only or open to the public? Allocating space to manage registration / guests arrival.
  • Directional signage and way-finding.
  • Dispersing the crowd to different areas of the room on entrance, so that bottlenecks don’t occur with a ‘one-way-in / one-way-out’ floor plan.
  • Services e.g. food, beverage and rest areas.
  • Brochures or information booklets listing all of the exhibitors and their contact information.
  • Marketing and promoting the event.

Finding Venues for an Expo

The Event Scene website makes it really easy to find exhibition venues. Follow this link to BROWSE ALL FUNCTION VENUES and then filter the list of venue options by your requirements from there.

Also, if you are looking for hire equipment, entertainment or perhaps an MC to host the event, you can BROWSE EVENT SUPPLIERS to find and easily book additional service providers.

Happy event planning!