Function Venues for Networking Events

Not sure whether to list your venue for ‘Networking’? Read on…

One of the ‘Event Occasion’ filter options in the function venue search is ‘NETWORKING’. Networking events are generally stand up cocktail style functions where invited guests mingle, share a drink and possibly some finger food. They are generally booked Monday – Friday to fit with the standard corporate work week.  Corporate networking events also tend to be either before or after work hours events (e.g. 8am – 9am or 4pm – 6pm). This ensures a much higher chance of guests attending as there is the least possible interruption to their working day.

Post-Meeting Networking Events

A great way to relax after a meeting or training day is to share some drinks. This can be a really beneficial way to help the guests bond and debrief on the days proceedings and discussions.

3 simple ways to organise a Post-meeting Networking Event

  1.  Booking a Networking Event is made especially easy if the venue you have booked for your meeting has a separate bar area where you can book a group for some casual drinks.
  2. The venue may offer drink service in your meeting room. In this case normally a set time would be pre booked with the venue’s functions coordinator, and a pre-organised selection of wine, beer and soft drink options would be brought into the room by a waiter. This could then be left for guests to self service, or the wait staff may remain to serve to your guests. Make sure to check with your meeting venue if you have a preference either way.
  3. Book a different venue close by. Why not ask the functions coordinator at the meeting venue you have booked for suggestions? Or use the Event Scene venue search and venue map to see other possible venues nearby.

Professional Networking Groups

A great way to expand your business connections is to join professional networking groups. Some are free to join, and some come with a membership fee. You will then be invited to the networking events organised by the group managers.

Of course networking doesn’t have to be done solely as a cocktail style event. Especially for the more specialised groups, a sit-down breakfast, lunch or dinner can also work really well. These probably work best with smaller groups of up to 20 guests. If you can find a venue that can seat everyone on one table, this can really help to open up discussion amongst more people. Consider also talking to the functions coordinator about possibly having some standing time at the end of the lunch/dinner for coffee and petits fours.

Function Venues for Networking Events

The Event Scene website makes it really easy to find a venue to suit your networking event. Follow this link to BROWSE ALL FUNCTION VENUES and then filter the list of venue options by your requirements from there.

Also, if you are looking for entertainment, any special AV set-up required or perhaps an MC to host the event, you can BROWSE EVENT SUPPLIERS to find and easily book additional service providers.

Happy event planning!