Adelaide Function Venues – Google Analytics Report

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted the Adelaide function venues website analytics report! During Covid it was very up and down. But now, looking back over 2022, it’s great to see a return to ‘normal’.

In August 2022 Event Scene switched to the new version of Google Analytics – GA4. My experience so far with the new platform has not been great! I felt there was much more flexibility with the old platform (Universal Analytics) to see general website stats, and to easily search and filter information. So for 2022 as I am looking at information across two platforms, I’m going to keep it simple:

Total UNIQUE page views of function venue listing pages in 2022 (1.1.22 – 1.1.23) = 53,692
– This is the number of times a function venue listing page has been viewed by an individual customer (e.g. it doesn’t show extra views if that same customer has clicked an viewed the same page twice).

Total UNIQUE page views over-all in 2022 = 105,768

Total LEADS generated for venues listed on Event Scene in 2022 = 14,878
Leads are made up of links to the venue’s website, and direct form enquiries sent from the venue’s listing page.

These are great numbers considering these are leads only to Adelaide Venues. It’s a great reason to advertise on Event Scene if you are an Adelaide Venue looking to increase your functions bookings. If this is a part of your business you’d like to focus on building, then advertising on a platform like Event Scene puts you right in front of customers when they are engaging in searching for a function venue! You really cant get more targeted than that! It’s also:

  • A cheap form of advertising at only $390+GST for a year
  • Easy, as there are no constant updates required or new content to generate. I will create your listing for you, and you just handle the enquiries as they come in.
  • Your return on investment is easy to track as Google Analytics shows the number of page views for your listing and the number of leads generated.
  • You are supporting a local business!

If you are thinking of listing your venue, then please reach out! Send through a contact form and I’ll get back to you. I’m offering a free, no obligation 2-month trial for all new listings. I’ll make it easy for you by creating the listing for you. I really want to show you how it can work for your venue. By offering a 2-month free trail, I’m standing behind my service as being a stand-out option for Adelaide Function Venues. This has been reiterated to me time and time again by my long term venue customers who confirm for me that Event Scene is really the only platform for Adelaide venues that continues to generate new function enquiries week on week.

Give it a go! If you have any questions, please contact me!