Clubs with Function Rooms

Or, BROWSE THE FULL LIST OF FUNCTION VENUES ADELAIDE, SA This list of clubs with function rooms is going to help you plan an amazing party! If the party, bar and dance floor are most important to you, these venues would love to hear from you. You can easily filter the venue list by the number of guests you are going to invite. Also, if you want a private room or not. Some of the venues that don't have a private room, will have a VIP or exclusive area they can reserve for you. So don't disregard these as options too quickly. You may need a private room if you are planning formalities or speeches at your party. However, some clubs with function rooms will also offer you exclusive hire for your event up to a certain time. This means you can still have your private time for speeches. Then the doors open and the atmosphere ramps up for party time. Happy party planning!