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Feel free to change the text format to fit your needs.

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Maximum file size: 2 MB.
  • Max 2 mb file size per image.
  • Please upload a minimum of 2 images.
  • Maximum of 10 images.
  • The hero image wont show in your gallery, so also include this image again in your gallery.
This is going to show under your venue name and should describe in a few words the type of venue you are. Eg. Newly renovated hotel. OR Family run winery. OR Award winning restaurant.
Be as descriptive as you like. Describe the different room/space options you have, and describe the types of functions/events you love to do/do really well. Break the topics into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Search & Filter Options

Customers will be able to search & view a list of venues based on these filters. FIRST: Select the 'EVENT TYPES' offered by your venue. SECOND: Record the minimum & maximum number of guests for each EVENT TYPE offered by your venue (e.g. leave the min & max blank if you don't offer it). Once the customer has selected which event type they will be able to filter and view a list of venues based on their expected number of guests. So your minimum and maximum numbers for each of these 5 event types is very important. You may have two private room, one holds 10 - 30 sit down, and the other holds 20 - 80 sit down. Your capacity would be 10 - 80.
e.g. boardroom, theatre style, cabaret, u-shape, classroom etc.
If you have selected and completed the capacity requirements for a meeting style private room, then please load the image you would like to display to customers when they view the list of venues for meetings. This could be the same as your hero image.
Maximum file size: 2 MB.
Maximum file size: 2 MB.
Maximum file size: 2 MB.
Maximum file size: 2 MB.
Multiple may apply - e.g. if you are in the North East, you can select North & East. NOTE: 'Close to CBD' means ONLY the suburbs directly surrounding the parklands.
e.g. don't choose the occasion if you don't allow the celebration. e.g. bucks shows or 18th birthdays. Likewise, don't select the occasion if your venue is not suitable. E.g. Expo/Exhibition - requires a large open space venue for booths & displays.

Day of the Week & Service Time

This section is not your OPENING TIMES. This is when you are HAPPY TO OFFER FUNCTIONS OR GROUP BOOKINGS. E.g. your hotel may only open at lunch, but you have a meeting room that is available for breakfast and morning tea. So you need to select 'breakfast' & 'morning'. There may be minimum requirements for booking, you can advise the customer of these at the time of enquiry.
Note times for these are not specific, every venue has different time allocations, you will be able to specify your own rules to the customer when you receive the enquiry.
e.g. do ANY of your spaces offer these facilities.
Which Venue Types describe your venue? Multiple options may apply. NOTE: 'Public Space' means a park, street, car-park or area that is normally public. 'Gallery' means art gallery space.
Which of these cuisine or dining types best describe what you offer. Multiple may apply
Multiple options may apply. If at any time you provide a DJ or band, still tick the box. You can confirm with the customer when these services are provided when they enquire.
Do you offer any of these options. Terms may apply, but if you offer the option tick yes and advise the customer of your terms when they enquire. You may not have a set package ready, but are happy to personalise something when the enquiry comes. In this case also tick the option.
Do you offer any of these options. Terms may apply, but if you offer the option tick yes and advise the customer of your terms when they enquire.
These categories will create lists of venues separate to the main search. Select which lists you would like your venue to display in. Note: Adelaide means anywhere in the general Adelaide metro area and CBD. Adelaide CBD postcode 5000. SA means anywhere in SA.