Supplier Listing & Contact Info

If you want to disclose your address – e.g. if you work from home you may not want to. You can just list your suburb if you like. Or you can list Adelaide 5000 if you are happy to supply or service the whole of Adelaide. But if you have a shop front or a showroom, obviously you will want to list an address.
If listing a land line, remember to include '08' for people who may be calling from interstate. One number only. If you do not wish to list a phone contact, record 'NO PHONE' in this field.
If you do not have a website, you can copy your facebook link into here. Still copy it into the facebook field too.

Social Media

Shows under your company name on the listing panel. Quickest description of your services.
Be as descriptive as you like. Describe your range of products or services and what your unique selling point is.

Search & Filter Options

e.g. customers will be able to search and view a list of event suppliers and service providers based on these filters. You may find that multiple options apply to you – that is fine. You can select multiple options.
e.g. don’t tick the occasion if you don’t want to offer your product/service to that style of event. E.g. bucks shows or 18th birthdays. Choose only the occasions you want to receive enquiries for.
Which category or categories best describe your product or service. More than one may apply
Tick the areas you are happy to travel to (if travel to the event location is required for you). Tick all areas if you like and it is possible to provide your product/service to anywhere in SA.
HERO IMAGE is the image that will show on your listing panel, when customers are viewing the list of suppliers and making selections... so make it your best! MAKE SURE IT IS A LANDSCAPE SHAPED IMAGE (e.g. not portrait style)
  • Max 2 mb file size per image.
  • Please upload a minimum of 2 images.
  • Maximum of 10 images.
  • The hero image wont show in your gallery, so also include this image again in your gallery.